Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to Set Up Proxy in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is used by lots of users all over the world. It have inbuilt feature to Set Up Proxy Manually. Setting up Proxy or Using Proxy in browser can help you to surf or visit website anonymously, to unblock website, Bypass IP ban, better privacy and much more.

To Set Up Proxy in Mozilla Firefox.

1. Go to tools → option or click on Firefox menu and go in options.

2. After options get open you will be able to see many things like general, tabs, content, application, advanced and much more.

3. Click on advanced.

4. After you click on advanced, you will be able to see network between data choices and update. You have to click on network.

5. After you open network, you will be able to see settings near Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet. Click on it.

6. In connection settings you will be able to see no proxy, auto-detect proxy for this network, use system proxy setting and manual proxy configuration. Click on manual proxy configuration.

7. Now you will be able to assign proxy and port which you want to use.

8. After Assigning click on OK.


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